New Workboat Design

The Latitude was designed for fishing out of the Port of Greymouth with it's notorious river bar. She proved to be a strong and stable vessel, and handled even the worst conditions with aplomb.


Design 73 was developed for a client requiring a high speed 12m jet boat to carry up to 2 ton of cargo on rivers in SE Asia. The deck space either side of the cabin allows her to carry boxes up to 11m long, containing helicopter blades or drill rig parts, and the shallow V allows passage in shallow water. Top speed light is over 48 knots, loaded around 40 knots, with two cat 3176 diesels and twin Hamilton jets. Manoeuverability is superb - with twin jets she can turn in her own length and even move directly sideways against wind or tide.


Northern Quest was designed by McBride and built in Nelson by Challenge Marine. She is a mussel harvester operating out of the Coromandel.


Peejay IV and V

Peejay IV is an 18m passenger vessel which carries up to 50 passengers out to White Island, 30 miles out into the Bay of Plenty.

Her sister ship is the Peejay V, at 22m she is licensed to carry up to 100 passengers.

Both these timber vessels were built by Carey's boatyard in Picton and embody all the virtues of modern timber construction - strength, durability, quietness and elegance. Their owners are 'ecstatic' with their performance and economy.